What I Actually Do

Just a quick sample of the life of a web developer. This is what it's typically like for me anyways.

Having some sort of issue tracker is more important than you'd realize. I've tried and failed in my attempts in the past at getting my coworkers involved, but the frustrations of constant interruptions weren't my only reason for wanting this done on GitHub. I use it to stay organized, and it can be extremely easy to either forget about things that you were only told, or on the opposite end you could end up working on things as their brought to your attention, which is almost certain to result in nothing ever being completed.

So, it's for good reason that this walk-though begins on GitHub. I find an issue to tackle, create a branch, and get to work.

The work done in the video is fairly basic. It's a simple class that extends DOMElement with some magic methods for setting, getting, and removing attributes. I've written about how to write a PHP class before, so I'll not go into any detail here. It's in the video anyways.

After that, I test to see that everything is working… And it isn't. This leads to a quick check of my logs and finding a few mistakes. Even if there's nobody actually there, it's somewhat distracting knowing that I'm recording myself as I work. I'm not saying that my work is flawless otherwise, but I think that was the case here.

Finally, after everything is functioning as expected, I commit the changes and push to my feature branch, finishing off with a pull request. The commit (admittedly, from a previous attempt at creating the video) can be found here.

No worries. I didn't bother with documentation in the video. That would be slightly less interesting than watching paint dry.