And I'm back

After too long, I'm back up and running, and there are more major changes to come, both on my blog / code as well as personal life.

Me at work at my new job as a journalist / newspaper editor

Here's what you should know:

  • I no longer do web development as my day job, though it does take up a surprising amount of time at my new job as an editor at the Kern Valley Sun (website not my work).
  • Because of the above, I don't have much time or energy to work on the website, which is sad because there are a ton of changes that I'm working on.
  • Since I'm writing for a newspaper, I'm hoping that will translate into posting more on here. It's likely that there will be a little bit of sharing of content.
  • Let's Encrypt is pretty awesome and is now what I use for SSL / TLS here. The time that my website was down was related to using a non-LTS Linux distro that lost support and wasn't able to be updated to use Let's Encrypt.
  • Upcoming changes to the website include:
    • Complete JavaScript rewrite to use ECMAScript modules
    • Use of Node & NPM for build tools
    • Building HTML using DOMDocument
    • Working on concepts for a redesign. I'd like to maintain a less traditional look that shows off some SVG and CSS3 stuff, but give things a cleaner look.
    • Full-screen reading of articles as well as implementing the SpeechSynthesis API

Some of the changes are things that I've already done elsewhere but haven't implemented here (since it's often easier when starting from scratch) and others are ideas that I've been playing around with but haven't done anything with aside from creating a basic example.