Hello World

The web is a beautiful thing and terrible thing! It is beautiful because the possibilities are seemingly endless. It is an ever changing, ever evolving place where the whole world is within reach; nearly the entirety of all knowledge available to those who search for it.

It is also terrible. Its inner workings understood by only a few, the possibility of danger lies in every click, and those who act to translate the gibberish behind every website are often in disagreement about what things mean and how things should be done.

It was the end of 2012 when I began my quest to make sense of of the internet. I had always been fascinated by technology, and I set out to learn the magic that makes the code on some random computer in a distant land play videos of cats on the screen of my laptop.

So, I started this journey with the internet itself to guide me. Many of those who had gone before were kind enough to offer me all of the help I could ever need.

It is in this same spirit of adventure and openness that I have created what you see before you now. It is our crossing of paths in these vast lands, and you are my companion for as long as you desire. Learn from my experience or share with me of yours. We may discuss news of events forgotten, recent, or yet to come.

It is because of the advice of others that I learned all that I know, and in return I freely share what they have taught me. Everything from the posts that I share, down to the code that makes this run are available to you.

I will be sharing with you as I design and build this site.

Hello World by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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By nisha111 on 
Your blog is very nice and thanks for creating this blog.Your blog is provides more information related computer language.
By Chris Zuber on 

To be updated soon. I wrote this in as HTML in a text editor over a year ago.

By Chris Zuber on 
I am having issues with running as much as I do on the cheapest server I could find. Also, PHP 7 causes difficulties, and there are major changes still waiting to be merged once I have some bugs worked out.

Sorry for the slow updates.
By Chris Zuber on 
In the process of re-writing the entire site using PHP7, JavaScript modules, Webpack, Babel, & PostCSS.

What you see now is very old work from when I first began coding. I've learned a whole lot since then and, since I have the time to work on this and write about it, I'll be writing more frequent posts about what I'm working on, probably with links to commits and issues on Github.

Once I've finished this, I'll be moving over to a new server running PHP7. I'm stuck on an outdated OS because of my fear of installing the upgrade. But, it's very much worth the effort since PHP7 is a whole lot better, especially in memory usage and speed.